This model was made in kit form for my 6 year old granddaughter to put together with me.
First I bought a Lego Hagrid to get the size for the door of the hut, and then drew a plan.
The circle for the hut to sit on is 2.5mm grey board – 240mm in diameter.
The floor of the hut is cut into strips, and glued to the floor.

The earth mound the hut sits on is 4 thicknesses of 2.5mm board glued together to make a stronger 10mm depth. It is 215 mm in diameter.
The floor can be rested on the mound and drawn around to mark the position of the hut, and to show where the hut support stones will be placed. Roughly slope the sides of the mound using a scalpel.
Nine stones are made from off cuts of the mound corners, with roughly shaped sides and a flat top. Glue stones in place.

The wall sections are approx.. 8mm thick x 65mm wide x 70mm high. Edges have to be shaped to fit together.
Stone walling is made using bits of card sliced off in the making of the hut support stones.

The roof base is made the same size as the floor, with a number of supports to make it stronger.
Either cut and fit the parts as you go, or number the parts as they will all be slightly different.
The roof panels are 2mm thick with edges sloped to fit together. Tiles have been scored with a sharp point.
The top roof panels are triangles approx.. 45mm wide and 90mm high.
The lower panels are 68mm wide at the base. 45mm wide at the top and 34mm high.